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Welcome to RECOLLECT

Welcome to the AgResearch Digital Legacy Collection

AgResearch Limited is a leading Crown Research Institute charged with delivering science and innovation to benefit New Zealand agriculture and its wider economy.

Formed in 1992, we have a history stretching back to the beginning of the 1900’s.

This unique collection represents a small sample of photographs, documents, videos and other material that will take you on a compelling journey through the history of New Zealand's pastoral legacy, reflected in our Company, its activities, and its people.

Browse or search our stunning archive, or register and you will be able to contribute your knowledge and memories about this material.

AgResearch Limited is proud to share this rich history of New Zealand's primary industry.



Farmall model tractor making silageCow number T31Small Animal House: front viewApproach to the Farm Office, RuakuraSheep yards and pens, RuakuraScientists, 1950'sHoward Eagles measuring growing maizeSheep at leisure
Gully control by bulldozing. 1. Bulldozing the headHamua - Pawera comparisonSyd EastonSporidesmin research staff group portraitTuritea stream - new cut - 3 of 4Lely rotary harrow. 4. With spectatorsGrowth chamber - 1 of 2Ann Jackson examining soybean flower and pod developmentFour sheep grazingGrasslands - Summer/Spring - 1958Aerial top dressing planeWallaceville - Cambridge rocking microtone knife - Outside caseTara Hills cattle grazingAorangi Farm Open Day. 7. Prime Minister Lange opens Invermay Main BuildingFarmlet species trial - 11 of 11Large flat top haystackChristmas party, 1961Heat extractionGlasshouse, GrasslandsPerennial ryegrass harvesting50 years of research and recreation at RuakuraWheat trial reports: Reporoa: p.9Pasture treading effects - 5 of 9Soil sampling 2: mixing the sampleWheat trial reports: Reporoa: p.11The Store, Grasslands. 6. Chemical storeCattle feeding on silage - 2 of 6Flame weeder. 3. Rear viewDirectors' Meeting - Plant Physiology DivisionTordon spray trial - 3 of 5Weighing herbage samplesFarm dog with kennelOpening of the Plant Chemistry Laboratory, Grasslands, 1946. 3. Ivan Turner and Dan SullivanLotus - close-up of seed heads - 2 of 2Stock on pasture - Bay of PlentyKaikohe Farm 1959 - 5 of 13Clover inoculantsMafTech goats - 6 of 7Aerial application of Lindane by helicopterGum tree, RuakuraDairying at Levin - 3 of 4DSIR - Field Services Building Palmerston North Superintendent's residence, RuakuraLotus plant rootsTara Hills Lamb Rearing Unit - 3 of 8Kereru - Department of Conservation tagWallaceville - Table of Laboratory Conversion FactorsWheat trial reports: Reporoa: p.14Cotula turf and the bowling green - 4 of 8