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Welcome to RECOLLECT

Welcome to the AgResearch Digital Legacy Collection

AgResearch Limited is a leading Crown Research Institute charged with delivering science and innovation to benefit New Zealand agriculture and its wider economy.

Formed in 1992, we have a history stretching back to the beginning of the 1900’s.

This unique collection represents a small sample of photographs, documents, videos and other material that will take you on a compelling journey through the history of New Zealand's pastoral legacy, reflected in our Company, its activities, and its people.

Browse or search our stunning archive, or register and you will be able to contribute your knowledge and memories about this material.

AgResearch Limited is proud to share this rich history of New Zealand's primary industry.


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Howard Eagles measuring growing maizeSheep at leisureFarmall model tractor making silageCow number T31Small Animal House: front viewApproach to the Farm Office, RuakuraSheep yards and pens, RuakuraScientists, 1950's
Small Animal House: front view: close-up, 1Root measurements: 2. Displayed differences Ruakura: The story of New Zealand's Agricultural Research HeadquartersAnimal Health Division Display Caravan - 6 of 14Soil sampling 2: mixing the sample: reverse of cardWheat trial reports: Reporoa: p.14Pasture treading effects - 2 of 9Aorangi Harvesting. 1. Driving the harvesterRodger Claydon examining growing wheatLevin Horticultural Research Centre. 3. View of the Tararua ranges in the backgroundPye Unicam 204 Series Gas ChromatographC.P. McMeekan (1908-1972) speaking on stageGateway to Number 2 Dairy, RuakuraGully control by bulldozing. 10. Secondary head erosionCyril Armstrong and Peter Barclay examining grass in a fieldThe Store, Grasslands. 6. Chemical storeC.P. McMeekan (1908-1972) in a studio portrait, smokingDisplay boards - Grasses - 1 of 3Department of Agriculture (Research Division) research centres, stations, and areasSheep weighing. 3. Recording the dataTara Hills lamb tailing - 2 of 9Damaged white clover: close-upTuritea stream in flood. 1. General viewAorangi Farm Open Day. 3. Aorangi Farm Open Day. 4. MAF - Levin Horticultural Research Centre MapsThresher 1952Drainage frame on a drained plot: close-up: image and reverse of cardAorangi harvesting of Grasslands Matua Prairie grassGrazing Impact on Hill CountrySyd Duncan and a Bomb CalorimeterModel 2903 disc drive computersHeat extractionChristmas party, 1961Groynes. 9. Triangular plantingThe Store, Grasslands. 9. Ground floor, rearSilage pit faceRelationship between reproductive performance and cottingLely rotary harrow. 4. With spectatorsClover leaf marks, varietyA fertiliser broadcaster for small plots: planTaita Experimental Station. 5.Clover flowersClover seedlings infected by fungusSheep's teeth. 4. FilingFlame weeder. 2. Tractor drivenAorangi Farm Open Day. 5. Olfactometer with grass grub beetlesOxidation PondsThe Store, Grasslands. 5. Store items