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Welcome to RECOLLECT

Welcome to the AgResearch Digital Legacy Collection

AgResearch Limited is a leading Crown Research Institute charged with delivering science and innovation to benefit New Zealand agriculture and its wider economy.

Formed in 1992, we have a history stretching back to the beginning of the 1900’s.

This unique collection represents a small sample of photographs, documents, videos and other material that will take you on a compelling journey through the history of New Zealand's pastoral legacy, reflected in our Company, its activities, and its people.

Browse or search our stunning archive, or register and you will be able to contribute your knowledge and memories about this material.

AgResearch Limited is proud to share this rich history of New Zealand's primary industry.


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Farmall model tractor making silageCow number T31Scientists, 1950'sSmall Animal House: front viewSheep at leisureApproach to the Farm Office, RuakuraHoward Eagles measuring growing maizeSheep yards and pens, Ruakura
Data and legends: 50 years of Invermay, 1949-1999Wheat trial reports: Reporoa, F. RossTaita Experimental Station. 2.Wide view of prairie grass on Rawhiti StationSowing gully floor. 1. Seed sowingGully control by bulldozing. 4. Aerial viewWhatawhata landscape. View 4Farm output types by percentageMultiple pregnancy testing in sheep. 3.Dynes Fulton (1875-1934)Gully control by bulldozing. 5. Work completedWiring diagram of a dielectric heaterDSIR staff, 1955Winchmore Farm and the Canterbury PlainInvermay Soil Laboratory. 3. Equipment, machinery, and chemicals inside the Soil LaboratoryRuakura Multi-Oriface Air Flow MeterClover leaves, red fleckClover leaves, ragged edgesSyd Duncan and a Bomb CalorimeterHomestead from the drivewayPlant innoculation with virusGully control by bulldozing. 9. Secondary head developmentClover leaves, V yellow tipDairy Science Building, Ruakura, under construction. 2. View from the eastWine fermentation tanks, Te KauwhataPunch card data entryWheat trial reports: Reporoa: p.4Bull testicles: reverse viewClover leaves, no markSheep standing in a paddock of Mouse-ear hawkweedAorangi Farm Open Day. 3. Whatawhata: aerial view of buildings and landscapeLindsay Wallace (1918-1991)Wheat trial reports: Marton Experimental AreaTaita Experimental Station. 3.Clover leaves, four-leaved cloverLotus screening at Flock HouseDrainage frame on a drained plot: close up: framed with index cardJersey cows under a large, wooden, herd shelterNo. 1 type willow mattress. 3. Seven months after completionInvermay Soil Laboratory. 2. Inside the Soil LaboratoryHugh McGarveyMastitis Melodies: a musical message to farmers: record labelC.P. McMeekan (1908-1972) looking into the cameraSoil sampling 4: how not to mix samples: reverse of cardTemperature and growth relationships of bacteria in milk. 5. Farm 1, hard to clean machineSmall Animal House: front view: close-up, 2Temperature and growth relationships of bacteria in milk. 3. By milkingMangelsC.P. McMeekan (1908-1972) sitting at a desk